TV Replay

  • TV Replay
This is a recent innovation and we're now able to refer more decisions to the third umpire than we've been in the past.
The third umpire is called upon to look at television replays by a field umpire signalling a square mime of a TV screen.
Run-outs, stumpings, doubtful catches and boundary issues can all be passed on and this has been a great help with crucial decisions.
I was always a bit suspicious of TV entering our game in this way, but I've been more than pleased with how it has gone.
We have a very difficult job to do and our duty is to try and get everything correct.
Because we are only human, that's not always going to be possible so anything that helps us to get a higher percentage of decisions correct must be good for cricket.
The players deserve those correct decisions, as does the game itself, and television has proved it can be put to good use.
We are not able to refer things like LBW decisions - not yet anyway.

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