• 120th BB Old Boys Assoc C.C
  • Arreton C.C
  • Bembridge C.C
  • Brading C.C
  • Brightstone C.C
  • Carisbrooke High School Old *Boys C.C
  • Cowes Centurions C.C
  • GKN/Seaclose C.C
  • Godshill C.C, IOW
  • Havenstreet C.C
  • Island Bakeries C.C
  • Isle of Wight C2s
  • Isle of Wight Cricket Academy
  • Isle of Wight Women
  • IWCB Newport
  • IWCB Northwood
  • IWCB Ryde
  • IWCB Ventnor/Shanklin
  • Medina C.C, IOW
  • Newport C.C, Isle of Wight
  • Niton C.C
  • Northwood C.C, IOW
  • Parkhurst Prison Officers C.C
  • Porchfield C.C
  • Ryde Cavaliers C.C
  • Ryde C.C
  • Shanklin C.C
  • St Helens C.C, Isle of Wight
  • Ventnor C.C
  • West Island C.C

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